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Bruce george | 6.2.17 (LIVE)

Co-Founder, DefPoetry Jam

Founder, Genius is Common

Bruce is the Founder of the “Genius is Common” Movement and coiner of the slogan “Genius is Common” which fosters self-esteem in the youth, by them coming to the realization that they each have a creative genius seed in them. Bruce was born and raised in New York City. He has written poetry/prose & articles for over 37 years. He has written testimonials from the likes of Essence Magazine, Emerge Magazine, Class Magazine, Harlem River Press etc… He has won several awards such as a “Peabody Award” for “Russell Simmons Presents, Def Poetry (HBO)”, a “Miky Award” for “Russell Simmons Presents, Def Poetry Jam (HBO)”, an “Upscale Showcase Award”, a “Trail Blazer Award” etc… for his outstanding vision, production, writing and performance.

yanique redwood | 5.5.17 (LIVE)

Consumer Health Foundation

Yanique Redwood, PhD, MPH, is the President and CEO of the Consumer Health Foundation, whose mission is to advocate for health, economic and racial equity, based in Washington, D.C. She joined the CHF team in 2012 as its second President and CEO. Prior to joining CHF, Yanique worked for the Annie E. Casey Foundation, where she managed the health and mental health portfolio of grants. In 2012, she was named a Terrance Keenan Institute Emerging Leader in Health Philanthropy by Grantmakers in Health and was elected to the Board of Directors of the Washington Regional Association of Grantmakers in 2013. Throughout her training and career, she has focused on addressing the social determinants of health including racial equity. She envisions a region and nation in which everyone lives a healthy and dignified life.

"Behind the Mind is important and it continues conversations that need to be discussed." Joe Brewster, Filmmaker.  

3x Emmy Nominee and NAACP Winner of American Promise Film and Conversation Documentary

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rahman harper | 5.19.17 (LIVE)

Chef Rock

Most notably, Chef Rock was cast on season 3 of the Fox reality television cooking show, “Hell’s Kitchen”. People like Marvin Woods, Anthony Bourdain, Rick Tramonto and of course, Gordon Ramsay, have all given Rock great insight into being successful. In the decade since he rocketed to reality cooking stardom, Chef Rock Harper has run high-profile local restaurants, spearheaded short-lived solo projects (RIP, Fat Shorty’s), shared life experiences with aspiring culinary professionals, and lent a helping hand to charitable organizations.  He intends to capitalize on that ability with two new entertainment ventures: a personal podcast dubbed “The Chef Rock Xperiment,” and a late-night talk show called “Shift Drink.”  Rock has held several positions throughout his career at award winning restaurants such as Café Calliope, Burke Station Restaurant, Planet Hollywood, BET on Jazz Restaurant, and Executive Chef of B.Smith’s Restaurant, Ben’s Next Door and The Carlyle Club.

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vernard gray | 6.16.17 (live)

East River Jazz Festival

Vernard Gray founded the JazzFest because he considers that barrier hogwash, and wanted to draw attention (and great music) to the unfairly neglected places in Wards 7 and 8. East River JazzFest, has nothing to do with the polluted waters between Manhattan and Brooklyn. It actually means "east of the river"—-as in the Anacostia River, a barrier of sorts between the wealthiest and least-wealthy parts of Washington, D.C..  As such, D.C. native pianist Marc Cary performs Wednesday night at Anacostia Playhouse and Thursday at THEARC; the latter venue also hosts the Greater U Street Jazz Collective on Sunday night. 

hans theyer | 5.12.17 (LIVE)

Fairtrade America

Hans joined Fairtrade America in June 2013 as the organization’s first employee, defining himself as a “sales guy” for farmers and their families. He has been instrumental to establishing the Fairtrade International values in the United States and cares passionately about rural and generational poverty and finding a way out for farmers. Born and raised in Chile, Hans worked in the financial sector before receiving a British Council scholarship that allowed him to pursue an MBA in the London Business School. After returning to Chile, Hans worked at a startup before joining Microsoft for 7 years, both in Chile and their headquarters in Seattle, WA. In 2009, after working extensively in rural settings in India and other countries of South East Asia, Hans moved to a development non-profit, Agros International. Using his experience at Agros as a platform, he set up a consulting firm (Washington state’s first B Corp) that assisted companies to weave social impact into their business strategy.

geoffrey mount varner, md | 6.30.17 (live)

Howard University Hospital

Chief of emergency medicine and Interim Chairman Dr. Geoffrey Mountvarner directs a skilled team of doctors and nurses at the Howard University Hospital in Washington DC. Since May 2007, he has overseen the emergency department that treats 58,000 patients in a space that was intended to treat only 36,000 individuals. His new book Home Alive: 11 Must Rules for Surviving Encounters with the Police, Dr. Mount Varner, a Harvard graduate, board-certified emergency medicine physician , and father uses real emergency department stories, experiences, data and interviews to share 11 MUST researched strategies that will save your life. This is not a police bashing book. Home Alive and the 11 strategies presented immediately starts to save lives now once read.

chris richards | 6.9.17 (live)

Washington Post

Chris Richards became the Post's pop music critic in 2009.. Back in 2001, Chris Richards, 34, was getting his start at the Washington Post, sorting mail and answering phones in the newsroom. By night, he was playing shows in Washington, D.C.’s post-punk band Q and Not U.  in 2005, Richards began writing music reviews for the Post. Three years later, he was in New York working as editor of The Fader, but soon found himself returning to our nation's capital, back at the Washington Post, this time as the paper’s full-time pop music critic – "pop," in this case, refers to covering everything but classical.