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nick haber | 9.22.17 (live)

Autism Glass Project

The Autism Glass Project was founded by Stanford scholars and researchers Catalin Voss and Dr. Nick Haber, with a mission to leverage their expertise in computer science and machine learning for a cause close to their hearts: improving the lives of people with autism and others who experience difficulty with social functioning. Under the guidance of Principal Investigators and Stanford faculty Dr. Dennis Wall, Dr. Terry Winograd and Dr. Carl Feinstein, and with a generous donation of Google Glass units from Google, the Autism Glass Project founders have begun to realize their vision.   Based out of the Wall Lab in the Systems Medicine division of the Stanford School of Medicine Pediatrics department, the Autism Glass Project seeks to provide individuals with challenges navigating social cues with a clinically validated therapeutic device to aid in interpreting facial expressions.

katie denis | 7.7.17 (replay)

Project Time Off

Katie, Vice President, and Lead Researcher, is responsible for the strategic direction and day-to-day management of Project: Time Off. She is also responsible for taking all of her vacation time and encouraging her team to do the same. It is her favorite duty. Before joining P:TO, Katie was at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce as a Director of Communications and Strategy. She spends her time off with her toes in the sand of Grayton Beach, FL, hiking the Colorado mountains, or returning home to Cincinnati, OH. Katie lives in Alexandria, VA with her husband and their two daughters.  Project: Time Off is leading a national movement to transform American attitudes and change behavior. We aim to shift culture so that taking time off is understood as essential to personal well-being, professional success, business performance, and economic expansion.

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a.d. carson, Phd | 7.28.17 (LIVE)

UVA Professor of Hip Hop

A.D. Carson is a performance artist, educator, and Ph.D. in Rhetorics, Communication, and Information Design from Clemson University. His dissertation, entitled “Owning My Masters: The Rhetorics of Rhymes & Revolutions" has become viral and earned him a position as Assistant Professor of Hip Hop at UVA Fall 2017.  He is an award-winning artist with work published in The Guardian, The Conversation, Collage, The Alchemist Review, Quiddity International Literary Journal and Public-Radio Program, and Mistake House, among others. He has published essays in the critical readers The Cultural Impact of Kanye West and Jay-Z: Essays on Hip Hop’s Philosopher King. His first novel, COLD, hybridizes poetry, rap lyrics, and prose, and The City: [un]poems, thoughts, rhymes & miscellany is a collection of poems, short stories, and essays. Carson is the recipient of the Grace Patton Conant Award for Literary Creation and is a 2016 recipient of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Award for Excellence in Service at Clemson University.

"Behind the Mind is important and it continues conversations that need to be discussed." Joe Brewster, Filmmaker.  

3x Emmy Nominee and NAACP Winner of American Promise Film and Conversation Documentary

tiffany quivers | 7.14.17 (LIVE)

Tiffany Quivers

For more than a decade, Tiffany has been building learning models for top-notch organizations. Whether working in the government, nonprofit, or for-profit industry, she uses a custom approach to aid organizations in solving problems, improving performance, and building leaders. Quivers combines a deep knowledge of adult learning and instructional design with your unique learning needs, resulting in a training model that not only engages learners but also meets your organizational learning objectives.  Leadership development is at the heart of my work. I help organizations put the pieces together to grow transformative leaders. Clients include Harvard Business Publishing, 50Can, StandforChildren, ProInspire,  Symphonic Strategies and Careerstone Group.

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marques ivey | 9.15.17 (LIVE)

National PTA 

Marques A. Ivey is a member of the board of directors of the National PTA and VP of Advocacy. Currently, Ivey is a trial attorney and owns a law firm, the Law Office of Marques A. Ivey, PLLC. He is married to Stacey, an educator and has three children.  Ivey has been involved in PTA for about eight years. He has served as president of a local elementary school PTA in Aurora, Colo. and is a member of various other PTAs. Mr. Ivey has been on the board of directors for the Colorado PTA for about six years, serving as an at-large member and for the past four years as the director of Region three. He is a life member of the Colorado PTA.  Ivey received his bachelor's degree in criminal justice and minored in history from Indiana University, Bloomington. He received his Juris doctorate from the University of Tulsa, College of Law.

bailey sessoms | 9.29.17 (live)

Bailey Sessoms | The Beauty Diary

With 20+ years as a professional makeup artist, Bailey Sessoms has written countless articles as a style producer and beauty columnist for prominent brands. She has been a featured expert on news shows and in publications such as The New York Daily News, Daily Worth, and The Washington Post.  Bailey wrote The Beauty Diary because, as a professional makeup artist, she saw firsthand how women were struggling to sort through all the mumbo-jumbo to get down to the nitty-gritty and actually learn practical tips. The Beauty Diary presents beauty articles {not chapters} to highlight information that every woman should know relating to her makeup routine. Today her focus is educating womenpreneurs on how to create an authentic and successful personal brand.  

sheryl ellison ponds | 7.21.17 (LIVE) 

Sheryl's intention is to disrupt the current urban redevelopment game. SBMH stacks the chips on the side of longtime inner city residents and business owners – the usual targets of developers, speculators, and the “Tax Man”. Characteristic of her tendency to stir things up a bit, this native Washingtonian created the official home of the web series S.A.V.E. Big Mama’s House (SBMH).  In her professional role, Sheryl. oversees multi-million dollar commercial real estate transactions in one of the most active markets in the business. On a daily basis, she leases, acquires, and/or develops offices, multi-family housing, retail and industrial locations in Washington, DC. Many of these projects seed community revitalization in underdeveloped local sub-markets.