"Behind the Mind is important and it continues conversations that need to be discussed."  Joe Brewster, Filmmaker. 3x Emmy Nominee and NAACP Winner of American Promise Film and Conversation Documentary

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2017 Best Social Justice Radio Station in DC. was launched onto the airwaves November 11, 2011. We Act Radio is an independent radio station that produces original content and provides broadcast media outlet services to the progressive community of Washington, DC and beyond. In addition, We Act Radio functions as a community anchor institution in one of the most underserved areas of the nation's capital by partnering with government, community based organizations, and activists. As a mission-driven business, We Act Radio is dedicated to raising the stories and voices of those historically excluded from the media.

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Karen Baker + Anthony Leonard | Hosts

Karen and Anthony are former classmates from the Savannah College of Art and Design, Design Management program. After finishing their MA in Design Thinking respectively, they noticed there was no talk show that featured design thinking across multi and inter-disciplines. So February 2013, they aired on We Act Radio Station as the first design and business show in the United States. They have interviewed more than 275 shows with SMEs, designers, activists, inventors, and artists globally. In 2019, BTM Radio Show introduced a new segment focused on weekly news and cultural happenings lead by reporter KellyMaven Media.